Everyone Dies, But Not Everyone Lives

I heard some song lyrics on the radio this morning on my way to work that really impacted me.

In the song, part of the lyrics read “everybody dies, but not everybody lives”.

I mean, how true is this, right?

We are all born, and we all die, but the space in between is where the living starts.

And sadly too few of us even get started.

Maybe the real goal of life is to be happy, to love, to be loved, and to just do your best.

In the end, nobody will give a shit how many times you received employee of the month or how awesome your car looked on Sunday. They will, however, care about the impact you had on them.

Because it’s very possible to get what you thought you wanted and not be as happy as you thought you would be when you received it.

Kind of like in the movies when someone searches for treasure, and when they get it, they realize it did not give them the satisfaction they had hoped.

I remember just five short years ago, sitting in my small $300 a month apartment thinking, is this all there is?

I had a cheap vision board and some random clippings and lots of affirmations on paper.

I wanted to earn $100k per year and live in the city.

That was such an easy dream to have.

When you are poor, financially and spiritually, almost any dream will do, just to escape your reality.

It’s been five years, I earn over what I had wanted to earn, I live in the biggest city in America, I drive an awesome Corvette, I have all of the material things I thought I had wanted, and I have a lot of money in my investments but even so, I find myself once again yearning for more.

I succeeded in achieving everything, and yet nothing at all.

I find myself asking, is this all there is?

What can I yearn for and ultimately achieve that will bring me not only 10x the financial reward, but complete and total happiness too?

What is the ultimate secret to living?

That might be the million dollar question.