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    Robert Rupp


    Who am I?

    Hello. I'm Robert Rupp. I have 23 years of marketing experience. I have led marketing teams for large global companies, worked with large brands, and reached the top of my field.

    I decided to walk away from a long marketing career and a job that paid me high six-figures to work in the real estate industry before I learned something that was troublesome.

    New real estate agents receive very little training on marketing and branding and are often on their own to figure it out.

    What I Teach.

    I leverage a 23-year background in marketing and branding to teach new real estate agents how to build a brand that sells.

    I do this by providing educational content and resources freely through my email newsletter, (RE)Branded™, and through other free or paid marketing and branding courses.

    When you subscribe, you'll receive detailed breakdowns of the marketing and branding strategies used by the top 1% in real estate with training how to use them for yourself.