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Next, we’re going to take your peak experiences from the previous lesson and analyze them.

Originating from the Toyota Production System, the Five Whys technique is a powerful tool to uncover the root motivation behind what you do or feel.

Let’s see why you experienced a few events or memories much more deeply than some of the others.

Let’s analyze what these memories and emotions are trying to show you.


Start with a Basic Statement: Begin with a broad statement to analyze the peak emotions you just felt. For example, “Why did I feel happy when I received my college diploma?”

Ask Why Five Times: For each answer, ask “Why?” again.

For example, if your first answer is “Because I want to share my knowledge,” ask, “Why do I want to share my knowledge?” If the next answer is “because I want to help people”, then ask “why do I want to help people?”.

Get the next answer and keep going. Continue until you’ve asked “Why?” five times.

Identify Your Core Purpose: The final answer should reveal a deeper, underlying purpose that drives your desire and motivations. You will find that hidden within these memories lie the truth of your purpose.

 👉  Once you have gone through this exercise a few times and the memories are vivid, you are ready to begin harnessing these emotions to improve your future. This is where things get interesting.

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