LinkedIn for Introverts
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Now that you’ve explored your peak experiences, dug deep with the Five Whys, and visualized your ideal future, it’s time to craft your personal mission statement.

This statement will be your North Star and guide your branding efforts.

Exercise 1

Write a Draft Statement: Review the insights from the previous exercises. Note the recurring themes and motivations. Are you seeing a trend or pattern? Combine your insights into a concise statement that captures your core purpose. For example, “My mission is to give introverts with the tools to succeed, driven by my passion for digital marketing and my lifetime commitment to helping others live a joyous life of freedom.”

Exercise 2

Refine and Finalize: Refine this statement until it feels authentic and inspiring. It should resonate with your values and vision, providing a clear guide for your personal branding journey. It should be something you can easily uphold.

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