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One of the simplest and most powerful (and underutilized) ways to jumpstart your soul’s electricity is to visualize peak experiences from your past. The first step in discovering your “why” is to reflect on emotionally vibrant moments in life when you felt most alive, fulfilled, or proud.

These peak emotions will reveal your deepest desires and purpose.

Exercise 1:

List Your Peak Experiences: Write down 5-10 key moments in your life when you felt incredibly fulfilled or successful. These could be professional achievements, personal milestones, or times when you were completely absorbed in an activity.

As you write them, try to visualize and remember how you felt.

Can you still feel the emotions?

Exercise 2:

Analyze Common Themes: Look for common themes or elements in these experiences. What values were you honoring? What activities were you doing? Who were you with? What is the glue between them? What events caused emotional peaks?

Analyze your list for 60 seconds. Close your eyes and try to calm your mind. What experiences broke to the surface and demanded attention? Is there something you remembered that wants to be seen?

If an event or emotion came to the surface, let’s analyze why.

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